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Beihai Hongchang aquatic products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, is a comprehensive private enterprise gathering aquatic product cultivation, acquisition, processing, storage, sale, import and export trade, the cold chain logistics development. The company is located in the sea on three sides, water is rich in resources, convenient transportation, beautiful scenery of Guangxi city of Beihai Hepu Industrial Park, BeihaiCity, Guangxi is the rise of new large aquatic products processing enterprises.


The company building area of 3 square meters, has invested 100000000 yuan. The factory design in strict accordance with the registration of export aquatic products production enterprises hygiene norms " and " Chinese standard American FDA regulations and EU food standards, the company has advanced aquatic products processing machinery and equipment, facilities, including South America white students, cooked shrimp and sea fish processing production line five, 100 tons of frozen, refrigerated storage 10000 tons. The factory has passed QS and ISO22000 quality management system certification, the product allows you to eat fresh, eat healthy, eat at ease.


Our main products are: white shrimp, shrimp, cuttlefish series series, gold Pomfret series, octopus series, Basa series, shellfish and sea fish etc..


The company in line with quality factory, brand Societe Generale, business integrity, excellence Hongchang business philosophy. Welcome to visit the company guidance, and look forward to your sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, create brilliant tomorrow!